I dropped into a CrossFit class over 5 years ago, and have not been the same since! I am never bored and cannot wait to go back. Something about it makes me feel like a kid again! I completed my Level 1 certification a year later to better myself and help those around me. I still surprise myself with what I can accomplish, and more amazed with the transformation of athletes around me. I have met some of the coolest people through CrossFit. It is like a second family. It is my church.

Athletic Background:

High school basketball, softball and track

Over a dozen Crossfit competitions, including the 2018 Granite Games

Outside the Gym:

I like to talk about CrossFit, hang out with friends, drink beer, and travel (dropping into a CrossFit affiliate, if available!). I am a wife and mom of two amazing kids, and will rescue whatever dog comes along needing a good home!


CrossFit Level 1