"Hello! My name is Quintine." I was drawn to powerlifting after joining the CrossFit gym. I had always been interested in powerlifting, but really never took it seriously. Once I got started I was hooked. Constantly challenging yourself to better your weaknesses and become an overall more powerful person, both physically and mentally is very rewarding. We have such a supportive group of lifters that we become a family of sorts.

Another aspect of powerlifting that I enjoy is that we also incorporate Strongman lifts and movements into the training.

About yourself:

I joined the gym back in 2015. I am married to Beth and have 2 children, a daughter who competes in powerlifting and a son who wants to when he is old enough. Like their dad, they love to challenge themselves. I enjoy to be outdoors and doing things like hunting, fishing and spending time with the family at the lake.

Level 1 Coach Certified in Powerlifting

USAPL Member since 2015

Strongman competitions