I was told that CrossFit 920 was the lifting gym and when I started a group of girls were getting ready to compete at the State Meet, I thought cool! I want to do one, so I signed up that June.

I love the sport because I get to put my training to the test and it always gives opportunities to improve on technique. Hitting new PRs is always a plus too. Doing it with people who share the same passion is the ultimate. I don’t think I’d stick with it if I didn’t have this group to share the victories and struggles with. They truly understand.

I'm a 3 sport athlete with some lifting background (basketball,volleyball, track). I was lucky I had coaches who emphasized and encouraged girls to lift and get stronger!

I started CrossFit in college and loved the variety of skills to try and learn plus lifting.

National Qualifier in 2017, 2018

Level 1 Coach Certified in Powerlifting

Newly designated USAPL meet co-Director

USAPL member since 2015